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CAYAGO Americas Inc. is a premium company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At our headquarters, located in Germany, we build the world’s fastest water sled: the SEABOB. This luxury water toy delivers high-performance technology.

SEABOB is one of the leading luxury yacht toys in the market. It can be found on yacht charters and beaches around the globe in places like Miami, Aruba, Cabo San Lucas, Ibiza, Curacao, and the Maldives. SEABOB is fully electric and emission-free, making it environmentally friendly. The electric water-sled is different from other yacht toys because one can ride on top of the surface as well as below, reaching speeds up to 14 mph and depths up to 130ft. With PIN-protected settings, riders can control the maximum diving depth making it safe for all ages to use.

The SEABOB-Jet is an important part of yacht charter entertainment for a multitude of reasons. With a quick learn time this family friendly product can be mastered in minutes making it the perfect addition to one’s charter experience. The versatility of SEABOB makes it a “must-have” toy on charters to provide the most unique and exciting memories.

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